I3 R&D Concept

Creating a modern interface for military-grade optics systems


The Intuitive Interface Initiative was a project focused on simplifying and unifying the on-screen data of various military-grade optics. The goal was to design an interface that would be usable, elegant, and able to ‘skin’ existing optical interfaces from various manufacturers; thereby reducing the learning curve and training requirements of the operator.

My Role

In this project, I worked as the lead designer and software developer. Early on, I worked with stake holders to define and refine requirements. I developed personas of the target users and user groups. I also examined video game interfaces for visual patterns that would be easily recognizable and familiar to the modern military operator, aged 30 or younger. I then conducted user observation and interviews during FSR training to further refine the project requirements and to validate the design direction. With the user data gathered, I guided the design with the help of Craig Overman to its final iteration. I then used the Adobe® Flash platform to convert the designs to and interface SWC library for use. I structured the programming around the MVCS design pattern and the Robot Legs Framework.